Navigation in spine surgery

As navigation systems are being used more and more in spine surgery, Humanitas Hospital organises an interactive course in Milan on 9th and 10th November 2018 to get a better understanding of the technology.

The course consists of live surgery broadcasts and hands-on training, to which we are pleased to contribute by letting participants experience our Orion surgical navigation system at first-hand.

SIRM congress 2018

The national congress of the Italian society of medical radiology (SIRM), taking place in Genova from 8th to 11th November 2018, will focus on technological innovation.

We will display the latest features of our navigation systems for interventional procedures under CT and US guidance, which we developed to better suit professionals’ needs.

Come to visit us at stand no. 7.

Visit of EU commissioner Cretu

Yesterday the European commissioner for regional policy, Corina Cretu, visited our company, which she enthusiastically defined “an inspiring example” of good use of cohesion funds.

The commissioner was struck by our huge investment in research and innovation, especially in the biomedical sector, and the consequent growth, which regional and European co-funding speeded up.

SINch congress 2018

At the congress of the Italian society of neurosurgery (SINch), which will take place in Ancona from 19th to 21st September 2018, we will show the range of functionalities provided by Orion system to allow intuitive navigation in neurosurgery.

You will find us in the exhibition area.

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Healthcare technologies at Forum mediterraneo 2018

Technology is widely considered a key factor in ensuring a modern and efficient healthcare system, with respect to diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as organisation.

This is the topic of a conference titled “Advanced technology and innovation in healthcare”, taking place on 13th September 2018 in Bari, during “Forum mediterraneo in sanità”, and featuring experts from the healthcare and science sectors and institutional representatives.

For further details, please visit

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Multimodal navigation at MANS Congress

MASMEC Biomed will participate in the congress of the Mediterranean Association of Neurological Surgeons, taking place in Naples, Hotel Royal Continental, 18th-20th June 2018. That is the ideal context to present a new device for intuitive navigation in surgery that MASMEC Biomed has developed in collaboration with well-known neurosurgery centres.

Prof. Francesco Di Meco will describe the experience of “C. Besta” Institute in Milan during the seminar “Novel technologies and devices in neurosurgery” (19th June, 12:50, auditorium).

Learn more on

“Spywatch” summer school

On 22nd June 2018 MASMEC Biomed will host the participants of the summer school in "Physiology and Biophysics of Water and Ion Channels” (Spywatch), organized by the Department of Biosciences, Biotechnologies and Biopharmaceutics of the University of Bari. The attendees will have the opportunity to enter a company specializing in medical devices manufacturing as a part of a 5-day training program, which is available here:

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Countdown to Analytica 2018

There is a month to go until Analytica, the most anticipated international trade fair for laboratory technology, which will take place in Munich from 10 to 13 April 2018.

MASMEC Biomed is getting ready to welcome visitors at its stand (no. 521, hall B2) and present them with a range of solutions to improve laboratory workflow. From workstations for nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup and NGS protocols up to more complex systems for total laboratory automation, MASMEC Biomed offers custom and flexible devices that adapt very readily to changing needs.

notizia 74

A gift for the children of Bari pediatric hospital

As a gift to the little patients of Bari pediatric hospital, MASMEC financed the project "Let's colour joy" which decorated the walls and equipment of the Magnetic resonance department with colours and cartoon drawings.

The project was promoted by Rotary Club Bari Sud and took shape thanks to an international designer. "We sponsored it - states Michele Vinci, MASMEC president - because we feel fundamentally interconnected with the local area and believe that companies should be a source of wealth and shared value".

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SMEs for Health: laboratory automation and 3D imaging

During the European SME week, 20-25 November 2017, Tecnopolis, a scientific and technological park in Bari (Italy), will host the third edition of “SMEs for Health”, an event aimed to show how SMEs contribute to the innovation of the healthcare system. MASMEC Biomed will be there to illustrate the specific benefits that arise when new technologies are introduced into molecular biology laboratories and when they are applied to interventional procedures.

On 24 November, during the session on laboratory diagnostics, MASMEC Biomed will present the key points of the “Diclimax” project, which focuses on the development of equipment and protocols for next-generation sequencing of nucleic acids. The project is financed by the Apulia Region and is carried out in partnership with University of Bari, CNR IBIOM, Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza and Ab Analitica.

In the session on imaging diagnostics, MASMEC Biomed experts will describe methods and applications of 3D imaging, with particular attention to intraoperative navigation.


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Ready for SIBioC Congress

MASMEC Biomed will be at the congress of the Italian society of laboratory medicine (SIBioC) in Florence on 16 October 2017. It will present two of its latest OMNIA liquid handlers designed for nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup, and for NGS library preparation.

MASMEC Biomed will be at stand no. 15, where product specialists will illustrate functionality and flexibility of those machines, which are made in Italy from design to manufacturing.

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Let’s meet at ICIR Congress

MASMEC Biomed will participate in the next congress of the interventional radiology section of SIRM (Italian society of medical radiology), taking place in Rome from 5 to 7 October 2017. At MASMEC Biomed stand and during workshops, the congress participants will get to know SIRIO, a navigation system that is currently employed at several hospitals to support CT-guided interventional procedures on different anatomical regions.

Don’t miss it!

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Let’s meet at the international robotics festival

From 7 to 13 September 2017 Pisa will host the first international robotics festival, featuring exhibitions and conferences open to experts and newbies alike. The event will introduce the general public to a field in which Italian research and industry are at the forefront.

MASMEC Biomed will join the interactive exhibition, where its navigation systems will be in action, and, during the conference “Robotics and industry” (11 September), it will illustrate how applications for surgery are developed.

Have a look at the program on the official website.

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A research on OMNIA LH performance

The latest acknowledgment of the performance of our workstation OMNIA LH comes from EuroMedLab 2017, the European congress of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. In this prestigious setting, the Biochemistry Institute of Cattolica University (Rome) presented a research on the benefits of using our devices for NGS application in molecular oncology: high-throughput and accuracy of results in addition to a wide choice of tailor-made options.

Neurosurgery navigation: the Italian solution

At the congress of the Italian society of neurosurgery (SINch) (Verona, 21-23 June 2017), MASMEC Biomed will show the latest evolution of the system it developed for cranial navigation, ORION (booth n. 12). Dr. Melatini, from “Vito Fazzi” Hospital (Lecce), will explain the functioning of the system and describe his experience at the start of the session “Innovation and validation” (22 June).


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ESSR congress 2017

The annual meeting of the European society of musculoskeletal radiology will take place in Bari from 15 to 17 June 2017.

In the exhibition area MASMEC Biomed specialists will give demonstrations of ECONAV and SIRIO, two navigation systems, based on different technologies, which allow more precise and effective interventional procedures and guarantee minimal risk and short recovery time to patients.

Follow Dr. Orlandi’s presentation on the topic titled “Fusion imaging-guided interventions outside the spine” (16 June, 9:30).


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SIRM MSK congress 2017

This year the national congress of the musculoskeletal radiology section of SIRM (Italian society of medical radiology) will take place in Rome from 18 to 20 May. In the exhibition area MASMEC Biomed will display two navigation systems which fit a wide range of interventional procedures through the use of different imaging data sets. Some physicians experienced in the use of such devices will carry out workshops at MASMEC Biomed booth on 19 May. Congress participants can register on site.

Come to visit us!

MASMEC Biomed at SICV&GIS national congress

This year the national congress of the Italian society of vertebral surgery (SICV) will take place in Naples from 11 to 13 May. At booth n. 36 MASMEC Biomed will display its navigation systems supporting spinal procedures, with a specific focus on stabilization surgery. It will be a good opportunity to reflect on the status of technology and the significant contribution it can make to this field.

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New technology in healthcare

Technological innovation holds a big chance to improve our healthcare system efficiency and quality standards. MASMEC Biomed has organized a meeting on this topic on 27 April in Bari. The event will start with the experience of some doctors who usually operate with high-tech medical devices. The highlight will be the round table discussion involving some of the leading representatives of the Apulia health sector.


Participation restricted. Please contact

See you at AIIC Congress

The dominating theme of this year’s congress of Italian clinical engineers will be the benefits of technological innovation to the healthcare system (AIIC Congress, Genova, 6-8 April 2017).

MASMEC Biomed will contribute to the topic by presenting its successful case history during the plenary session titled “Italian innovation in health” (6 April, 15:30).

Some of MASMEC Biomed’s devices, whose applications span from molecular biology to interventional radiology, will be on display at booth n. 1B.


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Advance in spinal surgery

On 31 March Humanitas hospital will host an advanced course in innovation in spinal surgery. The course will focus on the significant contribution that navigation systems may give to this specialty. MASMEC Biomed will present its navigation systems (booth n. 11), which allow safer, minimally invasive procedures, with shorter recovery time.


notizia 61

Course on musculoskeletal ultrasound and US–guided interventional procedures

On 24 February 2017 the Italian Navy organizes a basic course on musculoskeletal ultrasound and US–guided interventional procedures in an exceptional location: the new naval station Mar Grande, Taranto.

ECONAV, the multimodal navigation system of MASMEC Biomed, will play the main role in some live demos. Thanks to its innovative sensorized needle, ECONAV allows accurate and safe interventional procedures. Click to learn more.

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A course on ultrasound-based navigation

A workshop on ultrasound-based diagnostics and interventional procedures will take place on 2 and 3 February 2017 in Camogli (Genova). The event is coordinated by Prof. Enzo Silvestri (Ospedale Evangelico Internazionale, Genova).

A whole session will be on the experiences of several specialists, who will discuss the latest advance and, particularly, the benefits of multimodal navigation in the field of ultrasound-based procedures. Multimodal navigation is made possible by ECONAV, a cutting-edge device, produced by MASMEC Biomed, that effectively supports US-guided interventional procedures by combining different imaging modes. Through hands-on labs, physicians will have the opportunity to learn more about ECONAV functionality and appreciate its safety and efficacy.


notizia 59

Musculoskeletal imaging: diagnostics and follow-up

Imaging in the diagnostics and treatment of bone and joint pathologies is the focus of the congress that will take place in Bari on 20 and 21 January 2017. New technologies can make a real difference, so MASMEC Biomed will be on the spot with ECONAV, a new navigation system that combines different imaging data sets to allow more precise and efficient procedures. Live demos will be carried out at MASMEC Biomed booth.


The turning point in ultrasound-guided interventional procedures

MASMEC Biomed holds a one-day event on multimodal navigation for ultrasound-guided interventional procedures. On 22 November 2016, specialists from different centers will tell their experience and conduct workshops on the use of ECONAV, a navigation system that combines real-time ultrasound images with different data sets to make procedures more effective and safer.

Participation restricted. Please contact by 17 November.

Course on musculoskeletal ultrasound in Alberobello

MASMEC Biomed will show ECONAV navigation system at the course on musculoskeletal ultrasound that takes place in Alberobello from 17 to 19 November 2016. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about this multimodal device for ultrasound-guided procedures by attending the presentation on 19 November at 9:00 and the demos carried out by product specialist in the technical exhibition area.

Course program

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Course Eco-Clinic 2016

A course on ultrasound-based diagnostics and interventional procedures, named Eco-Clinic, will take place on 10 and 11 November 2016, in Arenzano (Genova). The course is coordinated by Prof. Enzo Silvestri (Ospedale Evangelico Internazionale, Genova) and it will focus on the examination and percutaneous treatment of the shoulder and hip.

As to technological innovation in the field, MASMEC Biomed will display a cutting-edge multimodal navigation system, ECONAV, which overcomes the limitations of ultrasound systems to the benefit of treatment efficacy and safety.

notizia 54

MASMEC Biomed navigation systems enter neurosurgery

At the congress of the Italian society of neurosurgery (SINch) 2016, MASMEC Biomed showed the latest development of its technology in the neurosurgical field: a system made in Italy that allows simple procedures and comes with features based on the specialist’s needs. It enlarges the family of MASMEC Biomed navigation systems, which are already employed in interventional radiology and ENT surgery.

notizia 53

Customized liquid handlers at SIBioC Congress 2016

Equipment flexibility is one of the most valuable features for molecular biology laboratories, as pointed out during the last congress of the Italian society of laboratory medicine (SIBioC), held in Turin last week.

In light of this priority, MASMEC Biomed presented two of its most recent OMNIA LH liquid handlers. Those automatic systems can be easily customized, increasing process speed, accuracy and repeatability and relieving operators from heavy tasks.

notizia 55

MASMEC hosts SIRI course on automation and robotics

On 26 and 27 October 2016 MASMEC will be hosting a national course from the Italian robot and automation association, SIRI. University professors and experts from different industry sectors will be discussing the latest automation developments, mostly on safety and vision. This course lasts three days and it combines theory, practical examples and visits to the Bari-based laboratory of the National Research Council and to MASMEC divisions.

Program and enrollment fee on SIRI website.

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Industry of the future

How does manufacturing change in the industry 4.0 era? Representatives from industry and university are going to talk about the topic during the conference “Fabbrica Futuro”, 5 October 2016, Bari.

MASMEC will join the discussion and give a speech on automation for life sciences. We are going to focus on design of robotized systems for molecular biology laboratories: these are flexible and ease-to-use machines, which carry out different protocols automatically, accurately and safely, relieving operators from tasks that may be heavy, repetitive and dangerous.

notizia 51

Great reception for ECONAV multimodal navigation system at SIRM Congress 2016

On the occasion of the national congress of the Italian society of medical radiology (SIRM), which took place in Naples from 15th to 18th September 2016, MASMEC Biomed previewed ECONAV, a cutting-edge multimodal navigation system for ultrasound-guided procedures.

Through demos and workshops, interventional physicians had the opportunity to learn about the features of the system, which is designed to meet their needs and help to improve treatment efficacy and patient safety.

The benefits of multimodal navigation were highlighted, in a specific session, by experts from several Italian centers: Dr. Francesco Arrigoni (San Salvatore Hospital, L’Aquila), Dr. R. Francesco Grasso (University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome), Dr. Davide Orlandi and Prof. Enzo Silvestri (Ospedale Evangelico Internazionale, Genova).

notizia 49

Research and innovation for health in Apulia

Yesterday MASMEC Biomed hosted a special event about research and technology for health. Specialists and representatives from the main institutions and hospitals in the Apulia region came together to talk about the importance of innovation and interaction between public and private sectors to improve the healthcare system in the region.

The President of the Apulia Region Michele Emiliano expressed great appreciation and support for us, as he considers a company’s success as a common success and applied research as the key to make a positive change in people’s lives. His words encourage our commitment to develop advanced systems that may improve life quality and care for all.

notizia 48

AIIC Congress in Bari

Clinical engineers are becoming more and more central to the management of medical technologies and assistance for local population. On this subject, the Italian association of clinical engineers (AIIC) will promote debate during the next national congress, which will be held in Bari from 7th to 9th April 2016. Institutional representatives, professionals and industry will take part in it.

MASMEC Biomed, of course, will be there, together with its distributor Sud Imaging, to show the positive impact of a specific technology, that is virtual navigation in minimally invasive procedures, on patients, doctors and hospitals.

Let’s meet at stand no. B2 in the new congress center of Fiera del Levante.

More info

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ECR 2016 is coming soon

Two more weeks and the European Congress of Radiology will start in Vienna. The radiological community will gather there as usual to get the latest scientific news and meet the industry that drives the specialty forward.

This year MASMEC Biomed waits for visitors in the Expo Gallery (stand no. 639) with Russian distributor Alfa Project. Starting from the afternoon of 2nd March, MASMEC Biomed specialists will give demos of SIRIO, the navigation system that makes interventional radiology procedures faster, more effective and less invasive.

Come to visit us!

Hands-on course in MSK intervention with CT-guided navigation

The CDP course for radiologists in CT-guided navigation applied to musculoskeletal interventions starts next week.

The course is supported by the musculoskeletal radiology section of SIRM (Italian society of medical radiology) and it will be held at the Institute of Radiology of L’Aquila with the aim of presenting how MSK procedures are performed today and how they can develop through virtual navigation.

The course begins on 9th February, with Prof. Carlo Masciocchi and Dr. Fabio Martino giving the opening speech, and it goes on with lessons and testing sessions on imaging-assisted navigation systems.

Course program

notizia 45

XI course for residents in vascular interventional radiology

Today is the main day of the course in vascular interventional radiology, held at the Hospital of Pisa. The course, supported by MASMEC Biomed because of its educational value, is intended for residents from all over Italy, who can not only attend lessons by national experts but also assist at live cases.

notizia 44

Petruzzelli Theatre open for MASMEC employees and their families

Yesterday the Petruzzelli Theatre in Bari hosted an exclusive event for MASMEC: employees and their families got to know better one of the most famous city symbols through a special program, including guided tours, the recalling of the dramatic fire of 1991 and music. “It was a beautiful day”, Daniela Vinci, MASMEC CEO, said. “We had an engaging experience with our families in a temple of art, which some of us visited for the first time”.

notizia 43

MASMEC awarded for employee welfare

MASMEC was awarded the Assiteca national prize 2015 for employee welfare in the small-medium sized family companies category.

Promoted jointly with L’Impresa-Gruppo 24 Ore, the award was conferred to the 8 Italian companies that stood out for adopting employee well-being practices.

MASMEC came first in its category because it acts like a farmer “who manages his resources in a simple way to create the suitable conditions for plant growth”.

“We always do our best to put people at the core - Michele Vinci, MASMEC president, says - and to create a work environment that lets talents bloom, because they are a major asset of the organization”.

notizia 42

MASMEC Biomed wins second place in “Parola d’Impresa” competition

MASMEC Biomed finishes second in “Parola d’Impresa”, a national competition that awards prizes to the best advertisements from small and medium companies, organized by Piccola Industria Confindustria and UPA (Italian advertising association) and supported by Sole 24 Ore in cooperation with “L’imprenditore” magazine.

There were more than 100 press and digital advertisements on contest.

MASMEC Biomed won the silver medal thanks to the press advertising campaign “If there’s a way out of cancer, our systems help find it out”, from the CaruccieChiurazzi agency.

The campaign will be on air soon. Click here to see the preview.

notizia 41

MASMEC Biomed at SIRM Puglia meeting 2015

On 29th and 30th October 2015 MASMEC Biomed will be at the annual meeting of the Apulian group of SIRM (Italian society of medical radiology), taking place at the University of Bari. For the first time in Puglia, the latest development of SIRIO, the navigation system for interventional radiology, will be on show and demos will be carried out by our product specialists.

notizia 40

Laboratory automation: discover it at SIBioC Congress 2015

Laboratory automation enables to overcome a number of limits of manual methods employed in molecular biology and omic sciences. How?

Visit MASMEC Biomed booth (no. 5) at the national congress of SIBioC (Italian society of laboratory medicine) that takes place in Florence from 26th to 28th October 2015: you will find out how easy it is to improve laboratory workflow.

notizia 39

Polytechnic of Bari freshers’ day

Getting started with university is a big step for every guy and girl. To welcome first year students, the Polytechnic of Bari throws a special event on 20th October 2015 that will be attended by academic and institutional representatives, guests and firms. MASMEC will be there too, to meet young talents interested in mechatronics and robotics.

Come and visit our stand!

notizia 38

Let’s meet at ICIR Congress 2015

On 2nd and 3rd October 2015 in Milan, on the occasion of the National ICIR congress - Interventional radiology section of SIRM (Italian society of medical radiology), MASMEC Biomed is ready to present the latest development of SIRIO navigation system. This device supports the specialist during procedures, such as biopsy and ablation, by visualizing in real time the instrument’s advance to the target, even when it is very deep or small.

To get to know SIRIO functionalities and applications, specialists are invited to attend demos at MASMEC Biomed booth (no. 21) and the lecture that will be delivered on 2nd October at 12:25 (Industry Focus 1).

Congress program

notizia 37

A businessman donates a MASMEC Biomed system to the Hospital of Matera

Antonio Zaccagningo, Zeta System CEO, donated a cutting-edge device to the Hospital of Matera. The device is our SIRIO navigation system to be employed in oncology diagnosis and treatment.

In a difficult economic phase, a private firm supports a public institution and the local community, for the benefit of such a crucial sphere as health: that is a great example of generosity and social responsibility, which other businessmen are about to follow.

Italian excellences in neuroscience

The 15th interim Meeting of the world federation of neurosurgical societies (Rome, 8th-12th September 2015) will be the occasion for the first event promoting the Italian healthcare and medtech chain in the field of neuroscience (10th-11th September). Companies, start-ups, universities and health structures will give presentations and hold meetings to show to an international audience their innovation capability and their high value-added products and services.

With regard to innovative technologies, Dr. Manuele Casale, from University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, will present the use of MASMEC Biomed navigation system in endoscopic rhino-sinus and skull base surgery (10th September, 16:00). Medical specialists looking for more details can visit MASMEC Biomed stand (no. 10), where ORION system will be on show.

notizia 35

Assobiomedica: Michele Vinci joins Luigi Boggio’s new team

Luigi Boggio was appointed president of Assobiomedica, the association belonging to Confindustria that represents the Italian providers of medical devices.

Michele Vinci, MASMEC S.p.A. president, joins the new team too as vice-president delegated to maintain relations with Confindustria.

While presenting the guidelines for the next two years, the new president stressed technological innovation as a crucial element for health promotion and assured that Assobiomedica will work with the Italian Government and regions to find out sustainable and cutting edge solutions for the health care system.

notizia 34

Focus on navigation systems in musculoskeletal intervention at SIRM MSK Congress 2015

The last congress of the musculoskeletal radiology section of SIRM (Italian society of medical radiology) highlighted that medicine and technology are brought into closer and closer relation with one another.

This issue was discussed, with great clarity, also by Prof. Carlo Masciocchi during a workshop on robotics in musculoskeletal interventions. In detail, he underlined that navigation systems not only create huge benefits in terms of higher efficacy of procedures and lower invasiveness and risk, but they are also powerful instruments that physicians, most of all the young ones, should master.

In this light, at the congress MASMEC Biomed showed the advantages and functionalities of its navigation system for interventional radiology, SIRIO. SIRIO, by showing in real time the trajectory of the instrument’s advance, assists the specialist throughout the interventional procedure, which becomes much faster and more effective.

Workshop video

notizia 32

At AIIC Congress the benefits of virtual navigation in minimally invasive procedures

Clinical engineers are becoming more and more involved in the process of assessing and managing medical devices. For this reason, the national Congress of the Italian association of clinical engineers (AIIC) (Cagliari, 14th-16th May 2015) will focus on medical devices, ranging from the stages of life cycle to regulation.

As to technology innovation, Piero Larizza,  MASMEC Biomed R&D manager, will describe the benefits of using navigation systems during minimally invasive interventional procedures (15th May, parallel session 3).

notizia 31

RAI Radio 1 tells our story

“L’Italia che va” is a RAI Radio 1 program focusing on the events and protagonists of Italy that works and reaches excellence.

On 5th April the program chose to tell the story of MASMEC, a story made of technology, well-established markets and commitment to innovation through research, paying special attention to the education of young people.

The interview with Daniela Vinci, MASMEC CEO, is available on RAI website (min 8.45-14.45).

notizia 30

MASMEC and talent: a national example at Biennale Piccola Industria

This year the biennial congress of Piccola Industria Confindustria (Venice, 27th-28th March) took stock of the opportunities for rebirth of a country such as ours, with unique quality and skills. The debate covered not only innovation, internationalization and finance, but also the importance that human capital has to free the potential lying within industry and Italy.

As to talent management, MASMEC was asked to tell its successful experience: how it cooperates with the education system, how it nurtures young people, what people mean to the company. That is a model widely appreciated that relies on people, their ability to do, learn, invent.

For the complete video interview with Daniela Vinci, MASMEC CEO, click here.

notizia 29

Great success at ECR 2015

The European Congress of Radiology closed on March 8th in Vienna. That was one of the most anticipated events by the international radiological community to be brought up to date with radiological science and technology.

Since the quality of the medical equipment is considered a key factor in improving European health care systems, MASMEC Biomed chose to exhibit a device that can make the difference in interventional radiology. That is SIRIO, the navigation system that allows to perform such procedures as biopsy and thermal ablation with a higher degree of accuracy and safety and faster than traditional techniques. Several demo sessions were carried out at MASMEC Biomed’s stand so that the numerous visitors could see the system efficacy, even when the target is very small or hard to reach.

For further details, refer to the documents and videos on this website.

notizia 28

The experts' view on navigation systems

On 20th February specialists and surgeons from several Italian centers of excellence came together at MASMEC Biomed for a workshop on advanced navigation systems in medicine.

The professionals who already use such devices shared their experience of success in different fields: interventional radiology, ENT surgery, skull base surgery. All the cases brought to light the benefits of these navigation systems, in relation to surgical planning, adjustment to the patient’s anatomy and condition and, most of all, reduction of uncertainty.

The event was attended by a large audience and featured eminent speakers from University Campus Bio-Medico, “Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza” Hospital, San Paolo Hospital, Anthea Hospital and Oncology Hospital of Bari, Oncology Hospital of Rionero in Vulture, Oncology Hospital of Naples, San Salvatore Hospital of Aquila.

Among institutional representatives were the President of the Apulia Region, Nichi Vendola, and the President of the Biomedical Association belonging to Assobiomedica, Luigi Boggio.

Workshop proceedings

notizia 26

Gargano 2014

The Gargano interactive course on interventional radiology and neuroradiology will take place on 9th and 10th November 2014 in Bari (Villa Romanazzi Carducci).

MASMEC Biomed will present the device purposely designed to support interventional radiology: SIRIO, a navigation system that allows to perform procedures reducing the absorbed radiation dose, intra and post-operative complications and duration of operation.

notizia 25

Workshop on innovative technology in liver surgery

Devices based on virtual reality are opening up great opportunities in surgery.

MASMEC, "Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza" Hospital and ISBEM joined forces in Lapis project to develop a specific navigation system for liver surgery: thanks to this device, the surgeon can see anatomical structures that are hard to detect during surgery with traditional techniques; hence he can operate with higher precision.

On 30th October the results of the project will be presented at "Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza" Hospital (San Giovanni Rotondo), in a workshop with professionals from national health institutions using cutting edge technology in surgery and representatives of the Apulia Region, that co-financed the project.

Workshop program

notizia 24

OMNIA at SIMeL Congress 2014

Our OMNIA workstations for liquid handling and nucleic acid extraction will be on show at the 28th Congress of the Italian Society for Laboratory Medicine, which will take place in Rimini on 29th and 30th October 2014.

At our booth (no. 12) we will show the features and benefits of these machines, which are capable of carrying out a wide range of lab protocols fast and accurately. Thanks to their flexibility, OMNIA workstations are adopted, for example, in the field of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and biobanking.

Congress program

notizia 23

MASMEC Biomed becomes a DNA Genotek partner

DNA Genotek, a Canadian leading provider of kits for DNA and RNA extraction from saliva and other biological samples, has accepted MASMEC Biomed into the “DNA Genotek Partner Program”.

Carrying out this project, DNA Genotek aims to create international beneficial relationships with providers of compatible devices, such as our OMNIA workstations. The ultimate goal is offering users, labs and research centers, combinations of products and services that meet their needs, by connecting them with the companies that can assist in the processing of samples.

DNA Genotek has included MASMEC Biomed in the list of approved technology vendors after validation testing on saliva samples processed by means of OMNIA.

notizia 22

OMNIA Day: Italian robotics for research labs in the human, animal and plant fields

On 7th July MASMEC Biomed will hold a one-day event to discuss about the role automation plays in research laboratories and the consequent advantages in the field of omic sciences.

Technology indeed can be of great help to operators, in the health care, veterinary and agricultural sectors by significantly increasing process speed, accuracy and safety.

An example is OMNIA, the family of liquid handling workstations by MASMEC Biomed that will be presented on this occasion. These machines are purposely designed to carry out a wide variety of protocols automatically, fast and accurately.


notizia 21

Living Labs: Lapis for minimally-invasive abdominal surgery

“Living lab” refers to a new approach to research and innovation where end users take an active role in developing and testing new solutions.

MASMEC is carrying out a living lab project named Lapis with San Pio Hospital, end user of the device that has been developed, and ISBEM, scientific partner.

The project aims to create a navigation system for minimally-invasive surgery, focusing on the hepatic region, by applying advanced techniques of image processing and virtual reality. This device will allow the surgeon to see the surgical instruments in real time within a three-dimensional virtual environment, that comes from tomographic scans of the abdomen. Hence, in comparison with traditional procedures or endoscopic guidance, the surgeon will have a wider field of view and he will be able to operate with more accuracy.

The system is now under test in the abdominal surgery department of "Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza" Hospital.

Lapis project is co-financed by the Apulia Region (Apulian ICT Living Labs - P.O. FESR PUGLIA 2007-2013).

notizia 20

Let's meet at SIRM 2014

When neoplasms are small or hard to reach, traditional biopsy or ablation procedures can be really long or complicated: the interventional radiologist has to mentally plan the whole procedure based only on bi-dimensional tomographic images.

Today these limits can be overcome with our SIRIO navigation system: by using tomographic images, SIRIO provides real-time visual support to accurately and quickly reach the lesions.

At the 46th National congress of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM) (Florence, 22nd-25th May 2014, booth no. 70) we will show you how useful the assistance of SIRIO is for interventional radiologists and patients as well.

Moreover, on 22nd May the interventional village tour will stop at our stand to get an insight into biopsy and percutaneous ablation procedures.

Congress website

notizia 19

Nexmedia open day

On 16th March we opened the factory to students and professionals from different fields to show them our work and research activities. Great attention was paid to some medical applications for the next future that were developed as part of the Nexmedia regional research project.

The first application is a computerized system that allows the interventional physician to virtually navigate within the patient’s body to accurately reach the target lesions detected through tomographic scans. Hence, interventional procedures become more reliable, fast and safe.

For the same project, we also developed an automatic machine for chemotherapy drug dosing, bringing a variety of benefits: higher productivity and higher safety level for the operator, customization of treatment, product and process traceability.

These devices, although different, share a common feature: they both prove how new technologies can improve the health care system with respect to the quality of service to patients.

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Italy to Saudi Arabia 2014

From 3rd to 5th March 2014, we will join the business mission to Saudi Arabia organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and Confindustria.

The mission, to Riyadh and Jeddah, will focus on the medical sector and clean technologies and it will be a chance to promote the quality and innovative features of the products made in Italy.

Business mission program

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Meet us at the ECR 2014

How to improve CT-guided percutaneous interventions, cutting back on time and risks? How to safely and precisely operate on neoplasms, even if they are small or hard-to-reach? How to efficiently treat diseases of the vertebral column?

At the ECR 2014 (Vienna, 6th-10th March 2014) we will show you how to do that by our SIRIO guidance system for interventional radiology.

Visit our stand (no. 23, Ext. Expo A) to see a demo and find out SIRIO efficiency and usability.

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ICIO 2013: Tumor ablation beyond the liver

The Italian conference on interventional oncology (ICIO) will take place on 12th and 13th December in Milan and will focus on “Tumor ablation: beyond the liver”. Italian and international experts will meet to discuss the application of thermal ablation to different anatomical districts.

In the exhibition area SIRIO system will be on show: indeed it was purposely developed by MASMEC Biomed to guide the thermal ablation procedure, even on very small or hard to reach nodules such as the pulmonary ones.

Conference program

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Thoracic pathology refresher course

During the refresher course on thoracic pathology (Bari, 22nd-23rd November 2013), MASMEC Biomed will show how advanced guidance systems can improve mini-invasive surgical procedures and what opportunities research can create for the medical sector.

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ITALY CARE consortium is born

Promoting Italian medical excellence in Russia: this is the aim of the ITALY CARE consortium, recently founded in Bari (Italy) by GVM Care & Research, MASMEC, Exprivia and Farmalabor.

The consortium will be presented for the first time in Moscow on 24th October, on the occasion of “Italy care: Italian medical excellences”, an event organized and supported by the Italian embassy in Russia, Confindustria Russia, Confindustria Puglia and the Italian-Russian Chamber of commerce.

In the multimedia area visitors will get an overview of innovative and advanced solutions in healthcare and specialist treatment, biotech and diagnostics, information technology and pharmaceutics.

All information are available on

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A warm welcome to Dubai

Great interest was shown when SIRIO was recently introduced in the United Arab Emirates: the system was presented during the national oncology congress and raised attention from physicians, researchers and media.

SIRIO is already employed at Dubai Hospital, which is renowned in the Middle East region for adopting the latest medical technologies for patient care.

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UAE Cancer Congress 2013: MASMEC Biomed presents SIRIO in the Middle East

From 3rd to 5th October 2013, Dubai will host the fifth edition of the most important cancer congress in the Middle East region.

Aiming at promoting excellence in oncology, the congress combines debates, symposia and clinical case discussion, in a multidisciplinary environment.

In this context, MASMEC Biomed will present SIRIO guidance system and show how it can improve cancer diagnosis and thermal ablation.

Moreover, on 3rd October, in the lung cancer session, Prof. Bruno Beomonte Zobel will describe the experience with SIRIO at Campus Bio-Medico in Rome (Italy), where he heads the diagnostic imaging department.

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Opening of MASMEC Biomed new plant

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new plant dedicated to MASMEC Biomed division.

This is an important stage in the history of our engagement in the biomedical sector: it started many years ago with some research projects and now increases in a wide and modern factory. Here our R&D department will keep on designing and manufacturing medical devices, carrying out research, studying new and different solutions for an ever-evolving market.

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XIII National Congress of the musculoskeletal radiology section of SIRM

The XIII National Congress of the musculoskeletal radiology section of SIRM (Italian society of medical radiology) will take place in Rome from 23rd to 25th May 2013.

MASMEC Biomed will be there with a stand to present the latest development and several applications of SIRIO guidance system for interventional radiology.

You can find the congress program on SIRM website.

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Towards the ECR 2013

MASMEC Biomed participates in the next European Congress of Radiology (ECR), which will be held from 7th to 11th March 2013, in Vienna.

With a rich scientific programme and a huge exhibition space, the event brings together the radiological community and the industry to present and discuss the key innovations of this medical speciality.

MASMEC Biomed (Ext. Expo A, booth no. 25) will present SIRIO, the guidance system for interventional radiology that enables the standardization of interventional protocols, thus preventing time-consuming and operator-dependent techniques.
This device provides the interventional physician with real time visual support and allows to precisely achieve even subcentimetric and deep nodules, reducing both intervention duration and CT scans by more than 40% as well as post-intervention complications.

For further information on the congress please visit the official website of the ECR 2013.

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MASMEC Biomed joins BioRob 2012

From 24th to 28th June Rome will hold BioRob 2012, the fourth IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics promoted by RAS (Robotics and Automation Society) and EMBS (Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society).

The theme of this edition is the impact of biomedical robotics and biomechatronics technology on the XXI century healthcare and welfare: scientific sessions, round tables and workshop will present the application of robotics and mechatronics in fields such as prevention, diagnosis, surgery, rehabilitation and assistance.

A technical exhibition will take place in the same venue of the conference, the Angelicum congress center. Among the exhibitors is MASMEC Biomed, that, applying mechatronic and robotic technology to the medical sector, provides advanced guidance systems such as the device for interventional radiology named SIRIO.

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MASMEC Biomed at the Italian Congress of Radiology SIRM 2012

The 45th National Congress of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM) will be held from 1st to 5th June in Turin.

It will deal with the subjects of major interest to radiologists and will offer a rich programme of scientific sessions and workshops as well as a huge technical exhibition.

MASMEC Biomed (booth n. 160, hall 2) will join the event this year too and will showcase the SIRIO guidance system: a latest generation medical device that provides interventional physicians with real-time visual support, helping them to get at little or hard to reach targets and minimizing risks for the patients.

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MASMEC Biomed at the ECR 2012 in Vienna

MASMEC Biomed participates in the next European Congress of Radiology (ECR), which will be held from 1st to 5th March 2012, in Vienna.

The ECR is organized by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and is well-known as one of the most important and innovative meetings within the scientific community. It covers all the aspects of the speciality of radiology, offering various scientific sessions and a wide exhibiting area.

MASMEC Biomed (booth n. 32, Ext. Expo A) will present the SIRIO guidance system: an advanced device that provides interventional physicians with real-time visual support when aiming at little or difficult to reach targets.

For further information please visit the ECR 2012 official website.

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Congress Gargano 2011

The twelfth edition of the congress "Gargano" on interventional radiology and neuroradiology will be held in Bari from 17th to 19th November.

MASMEC Biomed participates in the event also this year: the company researchers will present innovative technologies for interventional radiology and explain how they can make interventional procedures more reliable, easier and quicker. A main example is the SIRIO virtual guidance for biopsy and thermoablation, which allows to reach nodules even smaller than one centimetre precisely and rapidly.

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Non-small-cell lung carcinoma

In the latest years in-depth studies have been carried out on lung cancer, ranging from early diagnosis to improvement of therapies.

Italian experts meet on 12th November in Altamura (Bari) to analyse study results, paying great attention to the impact of technology and new generation devices on the struggle against the "big killer". In this context, they will examine also the contribution of the SIRIO virtual guidance system for the biopsy of nodules smaller than one centimetre.

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"Up-to-date news in thoracic pathology"

On 7th and 8th October the nursing home "Mater Dei" in Bari will hold the congress "Up-to-date news in thoracic pathology", focused on frequent subjects of clinical practice.

During the session "New technologies in thoracic pathology", Bruno Beomonte Zobel, head of the Diagnostic imaging Department at Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, will present the innovation in interventional radiology brought by the SIRIO guidance system (7th October, 3.15 pm).

Congress participants will have the opportunity to see practical demonstrations of the device, developed by MASMEC Biomed.

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MASMEC ideas selected for Italy of Innovators

Promoting the knowledge of the Italian technological excellence: this is the aim of the project "Italia degli Innovatori" ("Italy of Innovators") launched by the national agency for the diffusion of the technologies for innovation. The best examples of the capacity of innovation and high technology of our Country have been selected to be presented in Europe, China, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico.

Among them are two products of MASMEC Biomed: SIRIO, the virtual guidance system for biopsy and thermoablation, and MASMED, a robotized workstation for liquid handling.

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On-line the website of MASMEC Biomed

The website fully dedicated to MASMEC biomedical division is now on-line. This is a growing reality in the area of diagnostic imaging and biomedical applications and today it is well-known and appreciated most of all because of the virtual guidance system named SIRIO.

Here you can find detailed and up-to-date information on activities and products of MASMEC Biomed, video resources and interesting links.