Benefits and results


SIRIO was developed to increase procedure efficacy and to better patient care.

Benefits for the patient

  • Consistent reduction of absorbed ionizing radiation dose
  • Reduced duration of procedure
  • Improved efficacy of procedure

Benefits for the physician

  • Pre-operative planning through 3D models
  • Higher sample success rate
  • Better reliability and repeatability of procedure
  • Training mode
  • Simple and clear use

Benefits for the hospital

  • Shorter use of diagnostic imaging room
  • Higher number of patients treated
  • Improved workflow


SIRIO has been successfully used on hundreds of patients so far, most of all for the early diagnosis of lung cancer.

It is scientifically proven that this system allows to reduce both the duration of procedure and tomographic scans by more than 40%. A decrease in post-operative complications (pnx) is demonstrated as well.


sirio riduzione scansioni

CT-guided lung biopsies: smaller number of scans in case of SIRIO-assisted procedures

Source: R. F. Grasso, G. Luppi, R. L. Cazzato, E. Faiella, F. D'Agostino, D. Beomonte Zobel, M. De Lena, "Percutaneous computed tomography-guided lung biopsies: preliminary results using an augmented reality navigation system", Tumori, 98.6, 2012, 775-782.