sirio pulmonary biopsy

The main innovative aspect of SIRIO, compared with traditional techniques, is that it shows patient’s internal tissues and organs in real time.

Therefore, the interventional physician no longer needs to mentally plan the whole procedure based only on bi-dimensional tomographic images: SIRIO enables him to see the target continuously during the procedure while guiding the surgical instrument to the area of interest.

SIRIO consists of:

  • a processing unit for 3D reconstruction of the anatomical region concerned;
  • an infrared localization system, detecting the position and orientation of the surgical instrument in relation to the patient;
  • the disposable sterile kit, allowing the localization system to detect the surgical instruments and the patient’s position;
  • the posture and respiration tracking system.



Simple use

Great attention was paid to designing a clear and intuitive user interface and setting intelligent procedures: registration and calibration are automatic, quick and seamless. For this reason, SIRIO does not require either long training sessions or specific technical expertise to be used. Furthermore, after launching the application, no interaction with the system is needed by mouse or keyboard, so the physician can perform all the procedures keeping his hands within the surgical sterile field.


sirio ct room

Custom images

The views provided by the device come from 3D reconstruction through proprietary algorithms ensuring reliable and high quality output. Images and projections can be customized according to the kind of interventional procedure or to personal preferences.


patient tracking

Maximum patient safety

SIRIO can monitor the movements of the patient's rib cage and the postural variations that may occur. Hence, the system is suitable for different anatomical districts, including the pulmonary one. When a control scan is required during the procedure, the 3D model can be rapidly updated with the new images to get the best approximation to the real situation.


SIRIO is compatible with all the tomographic imaging systems based on the DICOM protocol. It can be used in association with any kind of needle or rigid surgical instrument (cannula, endoscope) with a diameter size ranging from 7G to 20G through specific adapters.