Multimodal navigation really stands out as the cutting-edge technology in the field of ultrasound-guided procedures, as it combines different data sets with ultrasound images.

ECONAV was designed to meet the needs of interventional physicians and to improve treatment efficacy and patient safety. This system is of great help during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures, as it constantly shows the tip of the needle in the foreground. Hence, it is possible to choose the trajectory before inserting the needle and to reach the target safely, through 3D navigation.


fusion eco-eco

Multimodality: US-US, US-CT/MR fusion

The physician can see side by side real-time US image and the virtual orthogonal one. The virtual window is generated either by US scan acquired during the procedure or with a previous recorded series of CT/MR.


fusion eco-eco

Navigation: probe-oriented, needle-oriented

The operator can use the ultrasound probe or the sensorized needle as navigation tool.



Ease of use, flexibility and low operating costs make ECONAV suitable for interventional procedures in different fields, including internal and musculoskeletal medicine and urology.



  • Needle always in the foreground
  • Safety and repeatability
  • Treatment efficacy