orion overview

ORION gives valuable support in performing minimally invasive ENT and skull base surgery under endoscopic guidance, because it constantly shows the virtual position of the surgical instrument within the anatomical region concerned.

In this way, the surgeon gets a higher degree of visibility and interaction in comparison with traditional procedure. Indeed, the latter involves selecting an operation plan on the basis of previously acquired tomographic images and with the only real-time guidance of endoscope.

ORION consists of:

  • a processing unit for 3D reconstruction of the anatomical region concerned;
  • an infrared localization system, detecting the position and orientation of the surgical instrument in relation to the patient;
  • the tool kit, allowing the localization system to detect the surgical instruments and the patient’s position;
  • the posture touchless registration system.


orion demo

Simple use

Providing clear and intuitive user interface and intelligent procedures, ORION does not require either long training sessions or specific technical expertise to be used.


orion navigation 3D

Custom images

The views provided by the device come from 3D reconstruction through proprietary algorithms ensuring reliable and high quality output. Images and projections can be customized according to the kind of surgical procedure or to personal preferences.


ORION is compatible with all the tomographic imaging systems based on the DICOM protocol. It can be used in association with any kind of rigid surgical instrument (cannula, endoscope, aspirator, debrider blade) with a diameter size ranging from 2mm to 4mm through specific adapters.