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The biotech revolution - especially in genetics and molecular biology after sequencing of various genomes - has opened up new perspectives for high-throughput molecular diagnostics, research of the cause of many diseases, genetic and tissue engineering, advanced personalized treatments.

Yet traditional methods employed in genomics take a long time and they may require large amounts of starting material and toxic compounds. If the number of samples exceeds a certain limit, manual operations are tedious and long and they may cause false positives or false negatives, restraining high-throughput.

To overcome those obstacles and face the new challenges of life sciences, MASMEC Biomed has developed OMNIA, a family of liquid handling workstations that can perform different protocols for research and analysis labs automatically, fast and accurately.


dna rna extraction

Nucleic acid extraction and purification

DNA or RNA extraction is a crucial and necessary step in most molecular analyses for diagnostic, forensic or research purposes.

First, the starting sample needs to be lysed by mechanic, thermal and enzymic mechanisms; then, the nucleic acid is isolated and purified. The process requires extreme precision and performing it manually on a large scale can be a heavy task for the operator. Among the various nucleic acid extraction methods, the magnetic bead method is the quickest and easiest to automate. Magnetic beads are microspheres able to bind DNA or RNA by means of a special coating on surface.

Using this technology, OMNIA Prima workstation allows fully automated extraction of nucleic acids, processing up to 24 samples at a time. DNA or RNA can be isolated from biological fluids (whole blood, plasma, saliva), biopsy material even of few milligrams (fresh or frozen) and plant samples (leaves, shoots).

Prima is compatible with different commercial reagent kits and the whole procedure, from sample lysis to final nucleic acid elution, runs automatically thanks to highly-flexible software and hardware that can be customized according to extraction protocols.

High yield and high purity of extracted nucleic acids are proved by spectrophotometry, electrophoresis and subsequent amplifications. Hence, DNA or RNA does not need further purifications and it is ready for use in a wide variety of downstream applications: for example, PCR, real-time PCR, sequencing libraries, microarray, enzymatic analysis.

Using the magnetic bead technology, OMNIA Prima can also automate the purification process of PCR products for subsequent sequencing analyses.


liquid handling

Liquid handling

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methods demand the utmost precision from laboratory operators when preparing reagents and starting material.

In most cases, when working in a high-throughput mode, fluid volumes are harshly cut back, making manual dispensing and mixing complicated and scarcely repeatable. The human errors that may occur affect the whole chain and they cause the final result to be unreliable and inadmissible for diagnostic purposes.

OMNIA LH liquid handling compact system allows to solve the problem since it automates many of the manual protocols employed in genetics and molecular biology labs.

OMNIA LH supports handling of different fluids, dispensing of various components, homogeneous mixing of even small volumes, multiwell plate preparation and replication, biobanking.

Through easy programming, OMNIA LH can carry out a wide range of protocols accurately and quickly: PCR amplification, real-time qPCR, reverse transcription, methylation, NGS library preparation.

Moreover, the workstation allows implementation of screening for biomarker discovery or for marker validation for diagnostic and predictive uses on a large scale.