Diagnosis & minimally invasive treatments

cancer early detection

When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, treatment is more effective, therapy is not very invasive or aggressive and patients’ quality of life improves.

Detecting cancer at its earliest stages, when it is very small and has not spread to nearby organs yet, can make a real difference as it increases the chance of recovering from malignancy.

Diagnostic imaging techniques (CT, MR, PET, …) together with biopsy for cytohistological examination allow prompt treatment, slowing the course of the disease and, in some cases, eradicating it.

SIRIO system supports CT-guided biopsy, increasing procedure efficacy and reducing both duration of procedure and risk to patient safety (absorbed radiation dose, intra and post-operative complications). The system is also suitable for a variety of treatment procedures such as thermal ablation, cryoablation, vertebroplasty, drug infusion.


Applications of SIRIO


lung biopsy


When used for lung operations, SIRIO enables to reach lesions smaller than one centimeter and while the patient breathes normally. Specific algorithms correlate the fluctuations of the position of the lesion during breathing so as to ensure accuracy and reduction of radiation during CT-guided procedures.




SIRIO allows to perform bone biopsy and treatment with extreme accuracy and very fast. Multiple needle insertions are possible for a complete and optimal treatment of the area.


vertebral column

Vertebral column

When it comes to the vertebral column, the 3D visualization and the high level of accuracy provided by SIRIO can be of the greatest help to take biopsies and to perform vertebroplasty, thermal ablation and cryoablation, with single and multiple insertions. Lesions can be accessed fast, using SIRIO in association with CT or digital tomosynthesis, with little use of radioscopy.


By using SIRIO during CT-guided biopsy or treatment, it is possible to reach the deep lesions that are not clearly visualized by ultrasonography and that require the highest precision possible.