Research and technology are bringing about a radical change in modern medicine, creating new possibilities for prompt diagnosis of diseases, effective and personalized treatments, better life quality.


diagnosis treatment

Diagnosis and minimally invasive treatments

Most cancers can be cured if detected early.

At MASMEC Biomed we develop new technologies for diagnosis and minimally invasive treatments; we do our best to make them accurate, easy-to-use and able to reduce trauma and risk for patients.

Our SIRIO medical navigation system is employed to operate on lungs, bones, vertebral column and kidneys.

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biotecnology genetics

Biotechnologies – DNA and RNA extraction and liquid handling

Understanding the relationship between genes and diseases, performing non-invasive analysis, studying personalized treatments, increasing the chances of survival: today biotechnologies make this a reality.

At MASMEC Biomed we design automatic systems for nucleic acid extraction and for liquid handling.

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