Customised solutions

for any laboratory’s


In laboratory medicine there is widespread demand for efficiency, precision, and reliability. At the same time there is a wide variety of applications, processes, and goals.

In such a complex scenario, standard automation devices may turn out unsatisfactory, and for this reason we are ready to analyse each laboratory’s requirements and study a bespoke solution to streamline workflow.

Having great automation know-how, we can design and develop customised and flexible devices, from simple and compact workstations up to complex total laboratory automation systems. Moreover, we undertake industrialisation of new products starting from customer’s designs or prototypes.


We devise highly advanced solutions to enable diagnostic laboratories to increase their operating capacity and quality.

Our TLA systems automate the entire laboratory process, from the preanalytical phase to result reporting, tracking samples up to storage or disposal and interfacing with the LIS. Risk of errors and biohazard exposure for employees is reduced as there is no need for manual intervention and the process is standardised. In addition, routine and stat tests are performed simultaneously.

Our systems are tailored according to present requirements and can be integrated with additional modules when change is required.


We also manufacture small bench top equipment that automates common laboratory procedures such as decapping and recapping.

Our robotised decapping machine, for example, removes caps quickly and allows continuous placement of tubes in the rack with no cycle interruption.